Tiny Objects in Tiny Bottles!

These charms holds some of the juiciest watermelon slices, mintiest candy canes and fudgiest double-chocolate chunk cookies that you have ever seen! Measuring in at 15mm by 32mm, these charms are the perfect size to wear as a necklace. The cork is super-glued in place, ensuring a secure hold. Attached to the cork is a metal ring, allowing you to easily string the charm onto a keyring, necklace or whatever your heart desires!


Candy Canes:

Double-Chocolate Chunk Cookies:


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Candy Land Recipe Cards!

Who doesn't want to be reminded of their favorite childhood game when picking out the perfect recipe?
With these cute mini-notebooks, you will never misplace that recipe for double choco-chip cookies again!

Recipe Cards: Each measures 5 in. by 3 in. and contains enough thick and sturdy pages for roughly 20 recipes.
- Plumpy (Front), 2 Green Boxes (Back)
- Gramma Nut (Front), 2 Orange Boxes (Back)
- Mr. Mint (Front), 2 Red Boxes (Back)

Mini Notebooks: Each measures 5 in. by 3 in. and contains loose-leaf paper cut to size.
- Purple Box (Front), Yellow Box (Back)